Kaye's Savoury Spread

  • Everyone loves a good savoury dip and this one by Receptionist Kaye Hanson is delicious

     Ingredients:  1 block of Philadelphia light cream cheese.


    2 small cans Edgell diced capsicum


    Half a cup of dark brown sugar


    Half a cup of brown vinegar


    Method:  Place capsicum, sugar & vinegar in a saucepan including the liquid from the cans. 


    Lower heat to just simmering, stirring occasionally until volume is reduced by half and thickens slightly. 


    Remove from heat and leave to cool.  When cool, pour into a container and refrigerate overnight. 


    To serve, remove Philly cheese from package, place onto a plate and pour the cold capsicum mixture over it. 


    Serve with your choice of dry biscuits.  (Arnotts Savoy are great)