Great Nanny Alice's Ki-Si-Min

  • This easy and delicious recipe is a winner for any weeknight meal the whole family will love!


    1k beef mince

    2 onions finely chopped

    1 cup chopped celery

    1/2 cabbage, finely shredded

    2 large carrots, grated

    250g green beans, chopped

    2 x 300g packets chicken noodle soup

    2L water

    2 1/2 cups basmarti rice

    2 tspn curry powder

    1 tspn mustard powder

    salt & pepper to taste

    Soy or Worcestershire sauce (optional)


    Heat heavy based pan or pot and cook onion till soft and golden.

    Add mince and brown

    Add curry and mustard powders, salt and pepper, chicken soup and water and bring to boil

    Add rice and vegetables and cook stiring occasionally until the rice is cooked.

    *add more water during cooking process if needed

    Serve as is, with soy or worcestershire sauce...whichever suits your tastes